• Knowledge Management
    Made Easy

    You can easily manage a knowledgebase with Omnistar Knowledge Management Software.

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  • Create an Internal Knowledgebase

    Password protect entire areas or certain articles in your knowledgebase for internal use.

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  • Subscriber Updates

    Send automatic email notifications to subscribed users when articles are updated.

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  • Instant Glossary

    Create a mouseover glossary to help users understand complicated terms and jargon.

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Omnistar Interactive has more than 14,000 customers that love our products. Here are the top reasons why you will love Omnistar Kbase:

  • Powerful Features - Easy To Use Interface

    Our knowledge management software is easy to use and does not require technical experience.
  • Stay Organized and Secure

    You can easily organize your knowledge articles and optionally password protect articles and folders with our knowledge management software.
  • Integrate with current design

    Our knowledge management software can easily be integrated with your current design with little effort.
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What Do Users Say

The Omnistar Knowledge Base package provided us with all the functionality needed to create a fast, simple and functional knowledge base solution for our customers that is easy to administer.

Anthony Yarbrough

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