Knowledge Management for Universities

The first place most potential students will look when considering which university to attend is the school website. That's why, from a marketing perspective, maintaining a better website than your peer universities is key. And that's why you need Knowledge Management Software.

Our Knowledge Management Software can do wonders for your school. Just check out all the possibilities:

Market to Faculty and Staff

Lectures and teaching was never easier than with Omnistar Knowledge Base Software. Our Knowledge Management Software lets professors post articles and extra learning materials for their students online. You can even use Omnistar Knowledge Software to post homework assignments, class syllabus, and student handbooks. And don't forget: by using Knowledge Management Software, you're expanding the avenues of teaching the students and reaching them.

Academic Enrichment

Remote students, teachers and faculty need an online presence on the school website that gives them access to school resources. Give them access to campus library materials and other school departments through Omnistar Knowledge Management Software. You can even allow local students to receive research assistance from the school library, straight from their dorm! The possibilities for services are endless: the school catalogue and schedule of classes, access to admissions applications and advising articles, even Distance & Alternative Learning resources!

Donors, Alumni, Friends

Higher education depends on the ongoing support of donors committed to a vision of excellence in scholarship. Donors, alumni, and friends can continue to support the college using the Knowledge Management Software. Post and keep track of articles and faqs about foundations, grants, scholarships, and other charitable gift opportunities.

Online Services

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is perfect for organizing articles, faqs, and providing support for all school departments. It is great for students, school business services, even for visitors and the community. Everyone can use it no matter where they are!

The bottom line:

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is the best knowledge base software available on the 'net. We're used by hundreds of customers worldwide, we have the best features available in any online knowledge manager, and we have guaranteed same day install, guaranteed same day support, and guaranteed it's all we claim it is, or your money back! So what are you waiting for? Get it today!

What Do Users Say

The Omnistar Knowledge Base package provided us with all the functionality needed to create a fast, simple and functional knowledge base solution for our customers that is easy to administer.

Anthony Yarbrough

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