Knowledge Management for Web Hosts

Web Host companies provide quality hosting services among many other features; however, the one feature that is always on the mind of customers when they are shopping around for a hosting company is the type of service that they will receive from their future web host. If customers are looking around for service, then as a web host you have to make sure that you are providing the best customer support services. A great tool that you can use to attract customers is our Omnistar Knowledge Management Software.

Our Knowledge Management Software can do wonders for your Web Host. Just check out all the possibilities:

Post Unlimited Internal and Public Articles

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software allows you to publish an unlimited number of articles to your knowledge base. You will have the power to publish both internal and public articles, articles on different features, etc. Omnistar Knowledge Management Software can function as a repository for internal documents allowing you to keep articles password protected and only available to users, so your Knowledge Management Software can help with internal communication and employee training.

Better SEO Rankings

Because the Knowledge Management Software stores valuable content on your server, it comes with the ability to optimize your articles for search engines. Better search engine performance means better business. A substantial amount of traffic received by most sites comes from Google and other search engines. By focusing on getting a higher position for important keywords, you can ensure you get more traffic.

Great Glossary for Support and Training

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software has a glossary feature that provides customers with definitions of terms on the same page as the article. This glossary feature that is live on every page enables a Web Host to add notes or provide additional information to their published content. This feature definitely comes in handy for all your support articles and your product feature articles or even for internal purposes like training your new employee.

Customers' Favorites

While users are browsing articles, they are able to put those articles in a separate favorite section. Even if users return to the site at a later date, they can still access their favorite area. Users are able to manage the articles in this section and easily remove them.

The bottom line:

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is the best knowledge base software available on the 'net. We're used by hundreds of customers worldwide, we have the best features available in any online knowledge manager, and we have guaranteed same day install, guaranteed same day support, and guaranteed it's all we claim it is, or your money back! So what are you waiting for? Get it today!

What Do Users Say

The Omnistar Knowledge Base package provided us with all the functionality needed to create a fast, simple and functional knowledge base solution for our customers that is easy to administer.

Anthony Yarbrough

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