Power Features

  • Subscription-Based Updates

    Users can subscribe in order to receive email updates. When a change is made to an article, subscribed users will receive automatic email notifications.

  • Internal Knowledgebase

    With the software, you can create an internal knowledgebase for your staff, which can be accessed at any time. The area can be password-protected and you can optionally assign permissions on a by-article basis.

  • Detailed Reports and Analysis

    Receive detailed reports and analysis on what are the most popular articles, the most popular categories, the most popular authors and more.

  • Instant Glossary for Complicated Terms

    Complicated terms and jargon abound in the world of technology. Create a mouse-over glossary to help your users understand what they are reading.

  • Password Protect Articles and Folders

    Easily set up a location that contains your important, sensitive, or otherwise protected documents. Optionally, set password protection on whole folders or individual articles.

  • Save Articles

    Users can easily save articles to a separate section of the software.

  • Attach Documents

    You can easily attach documents to your articles. Therefore, you can have additional resources for your users in the form of PDF or Word files.

  • Submit Customer Support Questions

    If users still have questions after reading your articles, they can submit a question that will be stored in the administrative area of the software.

What Do Users Say

The Omnistar Knowledge Base package provided us with all the functionality needed to create a fast, simple and functional knowledge base solution for our customers that is easy to administer.

Anthony Yarbrough

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